When the sun rises tomorrow…

When the sun rises tomorrow...

It seems unreal but most of the Covid19 restrictions will be lifted in Ireland tomorrow morning at 6am.

  • Pubs and restaurant hours to return to normal.
  • Nightclubs reopen.
  • FULL attendance at indoor and outdoor events.
  • Covid pass requirement gone for hospitality.

You’ll still need the Covid digital cert (or I presume a negative PCR?) to travel on a plane though.

Today we had just over 11,000 new cases of Covid19, but it’s omicron, “the mild variant”. Our hospitals aren’t overflowing. The Taoiseach spoke this evening and acknowledged that case numbers will go up. Hopefully not too many of those extra people die or suffer long term disability.

Despite the frost on the ground in the photo above this has been a remarkably mild winter. If I go anywhere I’ll be eating and drinking outside for a good while yet.

Focal length6.7mm
Shutter speed1/1050s

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