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Early Before Sunrise

Cork, Ireland, Photography, Photos

Sunrise over the Trees

Sunrise this morning over Blarney. This is a view I could not capture until a few weeks ago when the council cut down the fir trees behind my home after Hurricane Ophelia struck the country and a politician visited to inspect the work going on to clear the roads.

Aperture ƒ/13
Camera Canon EOS 6D
Focal length 139mm
ISO 3200
Shutter speed 1/125s
Photography, Photos

Sunrise over Whistler

Whistler, north of Vancouver in Canada, is bordered by mountains making it hard to get a decent sunrise or sunset photo but sometimes the mixture of high and medium high cloud comes together to create amazing colours in the morning sky as the sun rises, unseen by those on the ground.

Whistler, Canada. September 2017.