The Swan Gang

Tough looking swans gather for bread at the Lough in Cork for bread.

The problem with shooting dangerous wildlife with a wideangle lens is that unless you stick the camera in their faces nobody will believe you were risking life and limb by leaning down right next to them when shooting. Well, I was that close. *gulp*

See how the swan in the background is lunging for his neighbour with a wicked looking snap? He wasn’t the only one doing that!




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    micki June 14, 2006

    These birds that are fed regularly by park goers can become quite agressive. If you have something for them, they attack. If you don’t, they attcack. Well done shot, risking life, limb, and a possible face-eating to bring us this fantastic image.

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    Donal June 15, 2006

    That looks rather close alright. I haven’t ventured this close to swans before, they’re quite dangerous. Think of your poor camera if not yourself!

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    sleepless dream June 15, 2006

    great shot – very good angle!
    those swans really frighten me…


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    Ranya June 17, 2006

    Wow, you got some really good pictures here, some with sharp focus. Interesting, keep it up!

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    Flickr: helenmamj April 14, 2009

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Ballydehob,West Cork, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

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    Flickr: Liam Skelly October 13, 2009

    Hard to stop snapping the swans ,good thing this digital !!!

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