Spencer Tunick photos went online today

Spencer Tunick’s Irish photos might be online but you wouldn’t know it as the site is down, probably from the rush of people trying to see their neighbours or friends in the nip. Oops. Should have done a deal with Pix.ie!

I did manage to grab one image off there this afternoon and Vic has a few shots which I’ve added to a small gallery. Photos from Cork (he shot in Blarney and in the City) will eventually be seen here. Give it a few days until the site quietens down again.

Photos copyright Spencer Tunick.

Edit: Link to www.tunickireland.com removed as it’s now a domain squatter’s website.

4 thoughts on “Spencer Tunick photos went online today

  1. Does anybody know if more pictures are going to be posted to tunickireland.com?
    4 photos for a whole night of freezing cold is a bit disappointing, plus i remember many more poses than the ones published…
    and granted, i’d like to catch a glimps of myself too 😉

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