Beach in the evening

Inch Strand in Co. Kerry as the sun shines over the water and the tide comes in.




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    Flickr: foolswisdom June 16, 2007

    Fantastic! This is very, very special. Frame worthy!

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    Josef June 16, 2007

    Nice job.

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    Matty June 17, 2007

    Fantastic! It looks like you more or less shot towards the sun. (I’ve done it myself, but not with a result like this!) I know this sounds daft, but can that damage your camera?

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    Betty the Sheep June 20, 2007

    Great picture! I almost feel like I’m at the beach and can hear the waves.

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    Flickr: Rangio76 June 21, 2007

    davvero bella, mi piace tantissimo la drammaticità della composizione!

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