The happy child

It is wonderful to see a child smile and laugh and this little fella certainly was cheerful! Three buggies in one shot, tell me there isn’t an explosion in births in Ireland!

This was shot on Patrick’s Street, right in front of Boots. There’s someone eating in Abrakebabra in the background!

I found out that my Thieving Duck was used by the News of the World last Sunday without permission. Thanks Ricky for leaving that comment. I’ve emailed their newsdesk so hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon.

4 thoughts on “The happy child

  1. Thanks guys! He was a lovely smiley baby! Unfortunately it didn’t look all that great in colour which is why I used b/w instead.

    Matty – interesting article but does it say anything new? So what if there are lots of razor sharp images on Flickr? It’s not a bad thing to try and achieve. Frankly I”m amazed that after a year at Flickr he’s still chasing pageviews and favourites. That only lasts so long before you get fed up and start using the site in a less zealous way. There are exceptions to every rule however 🙂

    Besides, he admits that when he started photography in the late 60’s, “The dominant aesthetic became very hard, pushing Tri-X film to ASA800 and printing on high-contrast papers.” How different is that to today’s photographer’s obsessing about sharpness?

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