Old rope and boats

Old rope on the quayside in Bantry Harbour, Co. Cork. I love the different textures in this image, and I knew I’d be happy with it in b/w!




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    Flickr: Príamo Melo April 4, 2008

    This one is a marvelous shot. Such a delightful composition. Congratulations! If that is not a secret 🙂 , what kind of B&W post-processing (if any) should I do in my photographs to get such an impressive contrast effect?

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    Thank you! I converted it to b/w in Bibblepro, but afterwards used the dodge and burn tools in the GIMP to increase the contrast.

    This type of photo is a favourite of mine!

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    Tim – yes I do. it’s not always worth it and backing up stuff is a pain but it’s better to have that extra 1 stop of exposure either way than not I feel.

    If I’m in a situation where I know I’ll be shooting *lots* I’ll revert to jpeg though. I did that on St. Patrick’s Day. Otherwise I’d run out of space while shooting!

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    Flickr: Tim the sailor April 4, 2008

    Hi Donnacha, great job done on this one! Do you take all your shots in RAW format?

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    Flickr: Príamo Melo April 5, 2008

    Hi Donncha, thanks for sharing the secrets 🙂 ! I hear a lot about GIMP, so now I think it’s time for me to have a look at it!

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