The Rusty Ring

This was taken in Cobh about a month ago while out walking with friends there. Cross processed afterwards of course!




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    micki May 31, 2006

    Love this! That is a great old ring there in the foreground. Real nice shot.

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    LyRiAnN June 3, 2006

    Bloody ring for a bloody reason to leave…

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    Peadar June 25, 2007

    Great, I love rusty old harbor rings

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    Don't ask - Alfa Romeo Forum November 9, 2007

    […] Don’t ask Don’t ask what I googled to find this A rusty one […]

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    Whycherley November 9, 2007

    I wonder if that was the ring that the Irish Republican Army tied two British Customs officials to and let them drown when the tide came in in Cobh harbour back in 1922 ? It would, of course, have to also have another ring nearby but closer to the sea, because that would be where the IRA re-tied the two men when the tide failed to come up any higher than their chests the previous night. The Boyo’s, needless to say, got it right the second time ! Curiously, both the British officials were Catholic, and left wives and nine children destitute.

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