Yummy crisps

What’s in a name? In Ireland and the UK they’re called crisps, but in the US they’re chips. Whatever they’re called they’re universally loved. I bet it’s all the MSG in them. The monosodium glutamate in them is the flavour enhancer that makes you want to have just-one-more-crisp. The Wikipedia page on the ingredient is rather interesting, and it seems that various tests have shown it to be safe.

This image was made in Dingle, Co. Kerry. A tourist munched on the crisps as we approached so I had to take a shot!




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    Flickr: foolswisdom June 1, 2007

    Safe to contribute to weight gain 😉

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    Flickr: xeer June 2, 2007

    Don’t talk to me! I try and steer clear of them but I want to lose some weight before heading to SF this year. Some chance of getting any exercise when there’s a baby to be minded!

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    herbalpowerpack February 3, 2008

    I take losing weight a day at a time.

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