The Yellow Rose

A yellow rose in Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork. I made this photo a few weeks back and it had just rained, leaving nice little droplets of water on the delicate petals of the flower.

11 thoughts on “The Yellow Rose

  1. Thanks Trostan, I did briefly but I was working late on this image and so tired that doing anything else was out of the question! I still like how it turned out, especially as the rose is facing into the space on the right.

  2. Thanks Will! I love b/w, but I’m fond of colour too. Usually I reserve b/w for my street shots though, and this flower was crying out to be photographed. Today’s photo is back to b/w street, so I hope you like it.

  3. This picture is breathtaking!
    I was looking thru your pictures (WP Blogroll) and was not expecting
    such brilliant magnificence!
    May I share it in an email to some of my gardening friends?
    Thanks! Linda

  4. Definitely don’t need to crop this picture. It’s the background flower that brings into focus the yellow rose and puts it into perspective. Very simple and beautiful

  5. I think you might look at that again. The leaves are not rose leaves but Begonias. I think the picture is of a beautiful yellow Begonia.Anyway, it’s a beautiful photo.

  6. I love roses,its a beautiful rose.It touches my heart and i dedicate this flower to all my sweetest friends.

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