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The Canon 40D won’t tempt me

So, it appears that the Canon 40D is on it’s way with an expected release date in early September if the rumours are to be believed. This post about the 40D sent me to gizmodo who quote the non-Canon site,, when they list the rumoured specs of the Canon 40D. They haven’t changed much since the last time I blogged about these rumours.

There’s nothing there that would tempt me to upgrade. When buying a new camera, I’ll either “downgrade” to a Canon 400D, or consider a new Canon 5D. I’d choose the 400D because all my lenses will work fine with it, and it’s really not that much different in capabilities to my 20D. If I went down the route of using the Canon 5D, I’d have to replace several lenses. Only my Canon 50mm f/1.8 and Canon 75-300mm will work properly with the new full size sensor.

All of that presumes I have the spare cash to replace an almost perfectly working 20D and that I can justify the upgrade. I don’t, and I can’t. Oh well.

Even Amazon have leaked details of the Canon 40D according to DPS! Those specs look more and more likely as time goes by. Could Canon be leaking this stuff?

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It’s rumours, true, but the 30D was only a small incremental improvement and I think it’s probably being squeezed from top and bottom by the 5D and 400D. If you look at the Flickr Canon Cameras page it’s obvious what the most popular model is.
The 20D does come in at a respectable 3rd place though šŸ™‚

I deleted a comment I was going to post yesterday… something along the lines of “Blink and they’ll be replacing the 40D with a newer model again”…. Collin’s “Blink” comment made me post this šŸ™‚

That reminds me, remember the days when computers were getting faster and faster and it really made a difference when you upgraded? Now they’re at the stage where buying the latest and greatest isn’t that important. I think the same is happening with DSLRs.

Is there any really convincing reason for an amateur photographer to choose Nikon over Canon? Their entry level cameras are so close it’s hard to figure out which is better. Does it matter in the end anyway?

I tried out the 40D at a local camera store in Palo Alto that hosted a Canon event. I love it. I’m upgrading from the original Rebel. The appearance of the image for review after taking a picture is almost instantaneous not many seconds as on my 300D. The picture data is now 14 bit not 12 bit allowing for more dynamic range. The image data is lower noise allowing for the use of higher ISO values. ISO 1600 with the noise filter on is impressive.

It is unlikely any manufacturer will develop rapidly enough to drive upgrades with every model. I usually upgrade cameras and computers about every three years.

Donncha, I couldn’t agree more. Most of the changes camera manufacturers are making these days are convenience items like live-view and larger LCD’s. The image quality is not making the large jumps like a few models ago, at least not for Canon.

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