Engarde! Construction continues in Cork

Will the construction work in Cork ever end? They just finished digging up the end of Washington Street and Grande Parade when they dig up that busy corner again.

Not quite as bad as the ESB or Bord Gais running a trench through brand new tarmac and leaving a broken road surface behind.

This shot is from the Grand Parade where brickwork is being laid into the ground around the original fountain that was recently restored there. Pics of that to follow!

3 thoughts on “Engarde! Construction continues in Cork

  1. Thanks for the comments! Yes, it was taken with the Canon 20D, but I added the grain afterwards using GIMP’s “Scatter RGB” noise plugin on a new layer. I can’t remember what layer mode I used to merge them but it could have been “Overlay”. The one problem with adding noise to an image is that it has to be done each time you resize the image, as the noise becomes blurred by the resizing.

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