California Sunset

On the way to the Automattic beach houses last night we drove along the famous road that featured in Basic Instinct. I opened the window on Toni’s car and took a few photos of the sunset. I hoped for it to happen, but I was very lucky that the sun was blocked out by the signpost.

What are we doing on day one? Robert Hoekman, Jr is talking to us about "Designing the obvious" and expanding on his talk from the first day at WordCamp. The talk is going great, and generating lots of chatter and ideas!

3 thoughts on “California Sunset

  1. If you happen to be down around Los Angeles, it’d be cool to meet up with a fellow Irishman and photographer. I abandoned the Emerald Isle for sunnier skies 2 years ago, and have been reading this blog daily for maybe half of that.

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