Finbarr House, Cork

Finbarr House is situated right next to University College Cork (UCC) on the Western Road.

What’s strange is that it is a rundown building in the perfect location for renting to students: right in front of the University. Who knew there was an Irish property owner who didn’t want to make a few Euro on the side?




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    Flickr: carrigman July 25, 2007

    Good shot. I pass by there regularly and never considered the photo opportunity.

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    Flickr: royskeane July 25, 2007

    I’m guessing from the car park barrier that the building is owned by UCC; no doubt they have long term plans for it.

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    Flickr: frenchsvilla July 25, 2007

    i love that lens it’s a shamwe about that building but what a great document you have left of the building

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    Michele July 25, 2007

    It’s probably tied up in some legal battle or something. I see a lot of these buildings scattered throughout the country and anytime I ask the answer is almost invariably that there is some issue over ownership.

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    Flickr: xeer July 25, 2007

    Yeah, UCC probably own it. Given the speed at which educational institutions move it might be left in that state for years!

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    Michele Walsh June 16, 2009

    My Grandfather built that house for his family. I spent many happy holidays there. He was a successful builder in Cork and built it for his family. The only people who really occupied the house the majority of the time was members of the Walsh family. It breaks my heart to see it derelict but it was sold to a property developer when my uncle died back in 1999. It was a fantastic place always full of visitors, dinners and drinking. It isn’t owned by the university as far as I am aware.

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    Donncha June 16, 2009

    Thanks Michele for commenting and filling in the details about that house. It’s a real shame it’s been derelict for so long though.
    Whoever bought it missed a huge opportunity and now the boom is gone!

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