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Joy of Tech makes a good point about the pricing of Adobe products. If you can’t afford to buy a copy of Photoshop then give the GIMP a go. It’d free, it’s what I use to process all my photos and it has many of the features most people need. (via)

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I’ve tried GIMP on several different projects but I’ve never felt it to be as intuitive as Photoshop. That might have something do to with the fact that I’ve always been a Photoshop-fan, and know the shortcuts by heart. In my opinion, if GIMP would do two things that I like in Photoshop they could really compete:

1) A program window that covers the entire screen (optionally) with docking toolboxes. It drives me crazy trying to find all the tools that are so handy in Photoshop. Especially if you run GIMP on a Linux system with multiple desktops.

2) Why not use the exact same shortcuts as Adobe Photoshop? If the people behind GIMP are serious about getting people to switch from AP to GIMP, they should make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Josef, I think the main thing is what the cartoon is relating to. If photoshop was $100 bucks you’d likely just buy it. But it ain’t. Plus most people (myself included) do not use all those features in Photoshop. GIMP is a good solution for the non-design shop studio photo person mostly due to the cost of Photoshop.

Dave’s got the idea. Photoshop is for professionals who use it to make money, not intended for Joe the plumber…and if manipulated correctly is worth the money in the right field of work. I personally would appreciate a amateurs version at an amateurs price….not likely….

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