Silhouettes in the club

Some of the audience who gathered to take part in the Stanley Super 800 video of Gatecrashing silhouetted against the bright lights around the band’s equipment.

I underexposed on purpose so the silhouettes of the people in the image contrasted with the stage lighting. Shot during a break in performances when most people were outside getting some air!




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    Flickr: frenchsvilla March 30, 2007

    frenchsvilla has posted a comment:

    another great shot

    Silhouettes in the club

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    Flickr: xeer March 30, 2007

    xeer has posted a comment:

    Thanks Rory, I was very happy when I saw this shot come out the way it did, especially to get the hand in the air so sharp!

    Silhouettes in the club

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    Flickr: mangisteven October 7, 2008

    The picture is evocative, and very artistic, emotions, and attitudes seen in pictures.

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    mangisteven – thanks! It was a lucky catch as people were moving about quite a bit!

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