The soaking wet happy springer spaniel

This is another photo of Ruby, a springer spaniel that lives in Myrtleville. This time she followed us over to Fennell’s Bay where she dashed off into the shallows after stones. She was deliriously happy!

Unfortunately the same could not be said for a group of teenagers higher up on the beach who threw stones at us and into the water very close to us. Their malevolent laughter spoiled that moment for us and put us in real danger. They weren’t locals and by their accents it wasn’t hard to figure out where in Cork they were from.

There’s more of Ruby here and here. We were down in Myrtleville last weekend and didn’t see her at all. I hope she’s ok and was tucked up at home in front of the fire instead of at a cold and wet beach.

Congratulations to Gavin@Headphoneland for winning best photoblog at last night’s Irish Blog Awards! Get well soon!

There’s definitely something up with Flickr’s “Blog This” function. The URL of the image it passed to my blog was borked and displayed the infamous, “This photo is currently unavailable”. I reported it yesterday but I guess it’ll take longer than that to fix.

The ever vexxing question of privacy arrises on Kevin’s blog here and here. In the USA it’s perfectly ok to use someone’s image for non commercial usage as long as the photo was taken in a public place. I can understand why that woman is suing Yahoo! but I guess it’s the money she wants rather than protecting her privacy. (Is there a difference?) I covered the issue in the past, where things could be a little different in Ireland – the expectation of privacy extends to a private conversation in a public place. Vexxing indeed!

The Digital Photography Show interviewed Bert Krages, the author of the PDF, The Photographer’s Right on the subject of photographer’s rights. I haven’t listened yet but it should be good as he knows his stuff. Obviously laws will change from place to place so do some research locally before shooting on the street! The interview is also mentioned here and here.




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    Flickr: Andrew Biorn March 4, 2007

    Andrew Biorn has posted a comment:

    I hate it when people (of any age) act like that. I was in a national park once standing in a stream trying to get a shot and this idiot tossed a tree branch at me. Two words, *camera* and *splash*.

    I love the dog though, she’s adorable. 🙂

    The soaking wet happy springer spaniel

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    Gavin March 4, 2007

    Thanks Donncha! This is a great shot, really makes me wish I lived near a beach, and had a dog 🙁

  3. Reply
    Matty March 4, 2007

    I don’t think there are enough photo categories in the Irish Blog Awards. Both your and Gavin’s photos are superb but very different. Does that make any sense or am I being an eejit?

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    Siobhan March 22, 2007

    Donncha, thanks for another lovely photo of Ruby – you capture her so beautifully.

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    Donncha O Caoimh March 22, 2007

    Thanks for commenting Siobhan! Hopefully we’ll get down to Myrtleville again this summer with our own little dog, although I don’t think he’ll be quite as lively as Ruby!

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    Flickr: breege99 September 10, 2007

    happy to say i was in myrtleville last week, and ruby is there, happy as a clam (no pun intended).

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    Flickr: xeer September 11, 2007

    That’s great to hear. I haven’t been down there in months! Must make a trip before the bad weather sets in.

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