Currykippane Cemetery

It’s Halloween, that time of year that the souls of the dead rise up, goblins and monsters are abroad and witches fly about. I’ve already had my barm brack and even got the ring, but tonight is when kids go “trick or treating” looking for treats and avoiding tricks!

I made this image a few weeks ago early one morning in Currykippane Cemetery near Kerrypike. It was the first time I was in the area and I couldn’t resist shooting a few images. In the background is the beautiful Lee Valley. There are a few other nice vantage points up on those hills so I’ll have to go up there some other morning.

November is known as Samhain in Irish, but in Celtic tradition it’s also the end of the Summer and is accompanied by a festival. In modern times this is continued by the tradition of Halloween and All Souls’ Day. This and a lot more are covered on the Wikipedia page on Samhain.

It’s a spooky time of the year!

Hehe. What The Duck today is brilliant, although you may not get the joke in the last frame if you haven’t got a Canon DSLR. 😉

We had an interesting night – no kids called to the house but we went for a walk with Oscar down the road and bumped into several neighbours and spent almost an hour out in the cold talking to different people!




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    micki October 31, 2006

    Great compositon on this shot, and the early morning light raking across the land was well captured! This is an excellent photo!

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    anton October 31, 2006

    Nice composition, but is it a little dark in the shadows?

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    Donncha October 31, 2006

    Yes, some of the shadows are dark, but I brought out detail in the main celtic cross so it wouldn’t be too dark. (lay masks are great things!)
    I love the shadows, and like Mick implies, the early morning light casts great shadows!

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    david November 1, 2006

    i love this use of dof, and i think the long shadows falling over the graveyard really builds up the atmosphere.

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    Mike November 3, 2006

    Great use of the wide angle, fair play. This is just down the road from my house.
    “There are a few other nice vantage points up on those hills so I’ll have to go up there some other morning.”
    — About half a mile up the road towards town at the brow of the hill there’s an open entrance to some fields/sites with a fantastic panorama of the valley; great for some landscape shots if you can get there early before the sun moves to the south.,+ireland&ie=UTF8&om=1&z=17&ll=51.904089,-8.535326&spn=0.004879,0.014849&t=k

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    Baruch Marmor July 1, 2009

    Interesting composition. I’ve learned through out the years a lot from your excellent skill of chosing/building up briliant compositions. But you’ve been fallen this time into the light pitfall. I feel that the light contrast is too sharp for this configuration, and you really loose touch with the details. Only by using magnifying glass I could realy enjoy the composition. It’s a trap that many would fall in. The light is driving you, I think, to extend the contrast with the morning shadows too much, over the edge.
    I’m really a big fan of you and your works, and it’s not the first time I react, but it’s the first time to critisize your photograph, but I hope you understand that it is a constructive criticism.
    Your fan, Baruch M.

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