Sunrise over Blarney

This is the view that greeted me a few days ago from my office. I wouldn’t post it except that today is wet and gloomy and I want to remember what a nice sunrise looks like instead of the grey cloud I’m looking at now.

The Midleton Food & Drink Festival is this weekend. I went there last year and got some nice photos of a martial arts demo and we’ll hopefully head down tomorrow if the weather improves. You really want good weather because the town will be so packed with people you’ll hardly be able to move!

There’s something up with Flickr’s email uploader. I sent this photo off twice and it didn’t appear in my stream. I had a similar problem yesterday but the photo appeared on the second go. Manual upload and “Blog This” saved the day though!




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    recursion_see_recursion has posted a comment:

    Less is definitely more in this minimalist image! That whispy white cloud at the top has a subtle suggestion of radiating lines.

    Sunrise over Blarney

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    Flickr: rakelilla September 2, 2006

    rakelilla has posted a comment:

    very good sunrise

    Sunrise over Blarney

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    ana September 2, 2006

    We have a festival here, all weekend, and I hope to get a picture of men with lawn chairs and boxer shorts.
    It’s true! That’s on the play list!
    We’ll see!

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    Donncha September 2, 2006

    Men in boxer shorts sitting on lawn chairs? That should be good 🙂

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    LyRiAnN September 2, 2006

    It’s always a very intense moment of life… IT’s beautiful…

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    micki September 2, 2006

    This was a beautiful sight to see, but what were you doing in your office so early? Sunrise here right now is at about 6:30.

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    Flickr: jdm a. 000 September 2, 2006

    jdm a. 000 has posted a comment:


    Sunrise over Blarney

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    James Farmer September 4, 2006

    Absolutely stunning, thanks 🙂

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