Swan and Young

Swan and Young

A mother swan and her young offspring. There was a lovely sunset causing a deep red reflection in the water. The mother swan was very protective and aggressive and reared up and spat at me a moment after I took this shot!

Edit: This photo is hosted on Zoomr! Thomas Hawk is appealing to the greed and curiousity of bloggers and giving out pro accounts to those who host a photo on their site and blog it. Hey! What can I say? I bit!




  1. Reply
    Matty July 8, 2006

    Lovely! A mute swan, I’d say.

  2. Reply
    Donncha July 9, 2006

    Thanks Matt, I wasn’t sure if it was too dark or not. It depends on how your monitor is configured!

  3. Reply
    photoDude July 9, 2006

    This is a beautiful photo dude. Very mystical.

  4. Reply
    Eric July 10, 2006

    this is beautiful donncha. i like the dark water against the white swan.

  5. Reply
    Paxton Prints July 12, 2006

    Beautiful capture.

  6. Reply
    Jarratt W. Martin October 24, 2007

    Can it sing? what’s the expression for dressing a certain way?
    I can’t remember. Swanned?

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