Assumpta, 03/12/1950 – 30/12/2002

While walking along the path in Drake’s Pool and enjoying the sunset we came across this plaque in the ground next to a bench.

“You are the wind upon my face.
You inspired me with your grace.
You are the wind upon my back.
You keep telling me do not look back.
As I walk among the trees.
I can feel your gentle breeze.
Your loving smile and tender care.
I cherish and take with me everywhere
3rd Dec 1950 – 30th Dec. 2002”




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    micki July 7, 2006

    What a sweet memorial plaque!

  2. Reply
    Betty the Sheep July 7, 2006

    It’s a nice piece of writing, sweet without being sickly.

  3. Reply
    Donncha July 9, 2006

    Thank you. When I saw it I became sad, because it’s in a beautiful location just down river from Cork Harbour. I thought that perhaps Assumpta may have taken her life there, but I’ll probably never know.
    I hope it’s in memory of a woman who died before her time in one of her favourite places.

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