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Boat Wreck at Dunboy Castle

Boat Wreck at Dunboy Castle

The remains of a boat lie in the water by Dunboy Castle in Co Cork, Ireland. We were there last March, only days before 3 young men were killed when their car went into the water.

As you may know, I’m in Colorado along with most of Automattic. You can check out photos taken by me and my colleagues. It’s a beautiful area, but the thin air at such a high altitude is playing havoc with my body: breathlessness, a racing heart while lying down, sinuses out of whack, the after effects of 3 drinks feels like a heavy night of boozing.

Budget Day today in Ireland. If I don’t catch the RTE coverage of it live I’ll watch Twitter and check the headlines after.

Aperture ƒ/5
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 22mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/50s
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The Lough Daffodils

We walked around The Lough and wandered over to the daffodils growing by the footpath at one of the lake. That’s Sean Murphy in the background as he preps some of his equipment to take a shot.

Probably my last photo from the Lough Photowalk!

Birds, Canon 10-22, Canon 20D, Cork, Ireland, Look up, Photos, Sky, The Lough, Urban

Swans on The Lough

Swans swim past on The Lough in Cork City. This was one of the first photos I took at the recent photowalk there. Despite the clear blue sky and lovely light it was quite cold with a biting wind!

Birds, Canon 20D, Cork, Ireland, Nature, Photos, Sigma 18-200, The Lough, Urban, Water

That bread is mine!

A heron swoops in on a bunch of greedy gulls at The Lough yesterday!

For more pictures, check out Katie’s set and Will’s photos!

In retrospect, we were very lucky with the weather for the photowalk. Just after I got home the downpour started and 60mph winds ravaged the south of the country!

I was going to upload a bunch of the photowalk shots today but I’ll let them trickle in and then post the remainer on Friday.

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Sunshine on the Conor Pass

This will probably be the final photo from that September 2006 visit to the Conor Pass. It’s taken earlier than some of the others but I’m a sucker for leading lines so it had to go in!
I love the reflection in the water on the valley floor, and the shadows of the clouds.

Must make a trip back there this summer!

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Light reflects on the Lough

Light trails from passing cars and street lights reflect on the calm surface of the Lough in Cork in this long exposure shot.

Birds, Cork, Ireland, Nature, Night, Photos, Sigma 10-20, The Lough, Urban, Water

Swan and Young

Swan and Young

A mother swan and her young offspring. There was a lovely sunset causing a deep red reflection in the water. The mother swan was very protective and aggressive and reared up and spat at me a moment after I took this shot!

Edit: This photo is hosted on Zoomr! Thomas Hawk is appealing to the greed and curiousity of bloggers and giving out pro accounts to those who host a photo on their site and blog it. Hey! What can I say? I bit!