Run for the bus!

A bit of an experiment this one. As I walked along Merchant’s Quay this woman and her husband barrelled past. The picture of her husband is simply a blur but I like what I got of her.
The streaky lines are caused by an excessive dodge/burn tool but I like the effect so I left it in. What d’you think?

Photos of the day: Annaweb, NoWords

3 thoughts on “Run for the bus!

  1. Not a bad photo but not a great one either – I’m no expert yet but my teacher would not have given me high marks for it if I’d taken it – You would have made a better photo if you shot it at 1/30 or slower and panned.

    Your pont in the photo was to show someone in a hurry to catch a bus and it simply doesn’t communicate that to me. I’d be glad to send you a photo of mine – if you want which I got high marks for.

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