Fireworks At Cobh People’s Regatta 2022

Fireworks At Cobh People’s Regatta 2022

I barely made it to Cobh on Sunday night to photograph the fireworks display that started promptly at 10pm. On the way there, the cloudy sky was lit up by peals of thunder and flashes of lightning. Rain fell in light spatters on the car, and I’m told there was a downpour just before I arrived.

Fireworks At Cobh People’s Regatta 2022

Luckily the rain held off for the duration of the fireworks that night. I met Vivian and Michelle in front of the Cathedral where they had saved a space for me. I set up my tripod quickly and grappled with an umbrella while I secured my camera to the tripod and connected a remote release.

Before I could manually focus the camera, the bells of the Cathedral rang out and the first firework flew into the sky and burst with a bang.

Fireworks At Cobh People’s Regatta 2022

If you’re interested. I shot at around f/5.0, ISO 400 and timed the exposure manually with the shutter release when I saw fireworks fly into the air and explode. It worked most of the time, and to help focus I tapped the screen on the water in front of the fireworks, which adds a focus square there on my camera.

Focal length38mm
Shutter speed2s

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