Who gets the free prints?

A few days ago I offered visitors to my blog the chance to win free prints of any of my images. I’m very happy with the response. 27 entries but alas there can only be 2 winners.

So, who wins the free prints? I’m delighted to say that Claire gets the mounted print, and Debbie gets the laminated print. I’ll be in touch later to discuss what photo you want and sort out delivery details. Congratulations to both of you!

(And thank you Mark for helping me pick the winners!)




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    Matty December 23, 2008

    I think you should have awarded them to that bloke who commented on your “Looking in from outside” post.

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    Joe Scanlon December 23, 2008

    Well done! Happy Christmas!

  3. Reply
    Claire December 23, 2008

    WooHoo!! I’m so happy…the fabulous Burnham Beeches will have pride of place in my living room. Thank you so much again Donncha for being so generous! *grinning from ear to ear :)))

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    Grannymar December 23, 2008

    Well done to the winners and I am sure you will have years of pleasure for your prizes.

    Once again Donncha it was a very generous gesture.

    Happy Christmas.

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