Eddie Rocket’s

Eddie Rocket's

Eddie Rocket’s in Blackpool, Cork. I haven’t eaten here. The last time I did was in Galway at a Linux thing, probably in the late 90’s when all I remember was that it was overpriced. Still the same?

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    robert September 12, 2008

    We were there on the Sunday before the one just gone. It’s between €7 and €8 for a burger. So it’s maybe pricey compared to McDonalds but it was a mighty tasty and big homemade burger though.

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      oreo June 29, 2009

      the difference is every burger thet hits the grill is freshly cooked and traceable chicken farm traced

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    Claire September 12, 2008

    We used to call it “Empty Pockets” when we were students oh so very long ago. I think it’s still overpriced but sadly everywhere else has caught up with it so it doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

    • Reply
      oreo June 29, 2009

      organic freshly made vegie burgers wow produce is fresh traceable and tasty

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    Mike September 30, 2008

    Being from Galway, yes, it is still over priced and you can’t beat supermacs 3 for €3 at da mo!!

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    The Exile January 7, 2009

    The last time I was there a few years ago I went in for a quick burger. I sat at the counter so I was able to see them “preparing” the food behind. Let’s just say, the way the “lettuce sitting on the bun waiting for the meat” was being touched and moved around by everyone behind the scenes put me off eating it so I walked out. I did say to them why I wasn’t going to eat there.

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      oreo June 29, 2009

      come for lunch in travelodge eddie rocketts a deligh awaits u

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    Brian May 29, 2011

    we ate there saturday just gone, food was lovely, staff very pleasant and courteous…will be going back..dont mind paying the extra as it was fresh and tasty…:)

    • Reply
      Donncha May 30, 2011

      Oh yeah, love their food. It’s definitely worth the extra pennies! (Making me hungry thinking of it!)

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