That bread is mine!

A heron swoops in on a bunch of greedy gulls at The Lough yesterday!

For more pictures, check out Katie’s set and Will’s photos!

In retrospect, we were very lucky with the weather for the photowalk. Just after I got home the downpour started and 60mph winds ravaged the south of the country!

I was going to upload a bunch of the photowalk shots today but I’ll let them trickle in and then post the remainer on Friday.

5 thoughts on “That bread is mine!

  1. I’ve not seen a heron posing like that before! Can you post a photo of the strange black birds with white marks? I’m intrigued. BTW, the photo of the old farmhouse….Brilliant.

  2. Thanks Matt! Would you believe I don’t have a decent shot of any of those birds? I think the bird swimming away from the camera and right under the heron’s legs was one of them. They’re about the size of a duck, but all black and with a white mark between the eyes.

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