The Swan’s Wings

You really only appreciate how large and imposing a swan is when they rear up out of the water and spread their magnificent wings. While at The Lough on Sunday there were a number of fights between swans. Guess it’s that time of the year again, eh?

The swans were fairly tame towards us humans, and allowed us to shoot quite closely, but I’ve had run ins with swans before and I’m always suspicious of them!

Katie caught me as I lay on the ground to get a shot of The Lough Church. Embarrassed? Me? Never, I’ve been in many other more compromising situations just to get a shot!

Ryan posted a whole set of photos from the day and Kevin has posted his first shot.




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    […] as I never make it up to the Blog Awards in Dublin.  Kevin has a photo up today already as does Donncha (two actually!) and if you haven’t seen enough swans just yet there are loads more in the […]

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    Flickr: lette_applejuice March 11, 2008

    WOW!!! cracking catch 🙂

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    nice shot.

    i too have discovered that swans and ducks are only good at a distance :-p

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    Flickr: Trostan March 13, 2008

    Great capture !

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    Flickr: vortex_bits March 14, 2008

    Nice work. Like the texture too.

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    Flickr: giraffrica March 23, 2008

    very nice

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