That after sun glow

The sun had just set over this stretch of the water in Cork Harbour near Monkstown and the sky had turned a beautiful orange and purple and red and golden.

Much to the annoyance of my dog Oscar, I stopped and spent a good 10 minutes shooting this scene and basked in the beautiful colour.




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    jedrzej February 5, 2008

    What would such a nice sunset annoy your dog? 🙂

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    Donncha February 5, 2008

    He wanted to walk ahead while I was sitting on the wall waiting for long exposure shots to come out!

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    Flickr: Trostan February 5, 2008

    Beautiful capture !

  4. Reply
    Bettythesheep February 6, 2008

    Great colours!

  5. Reply

    Nice shot. Love the feeling of calmness. Good colours

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    Flickr: Metal~Axiz February 15, 2009

    This would look really great in Print!

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