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Cork Landmarks

In this one single image are pictured several landmark buildings in Cork City:

  • The bell tower of St. Anne’s Church, or Shandon Bells as it’s commonly known as.
  • The North Cathedral can be glimpsed in the background.
  • Part of SS Peter & Paul’s Church off Patrick Street in the foreground, and the distinctive red brick buildings on Paul Street that used to belong to that parish. (I think it was sold? I remember seeing a sign for a solicitor on one door!)
  • The large distinctive roof to the left of Shandon Bells is I believe the roof of the Firkin Crane Centre by the old Butter Market. Is it?

The day I shot this was gloomy and overcast. Thick black clouds covered the city but for a few minutes a small part was bathed in light from a sun peaking through a gap in the clouds.

This was shot from the roof of the car park on the Grand Parade.

Oh yes, I’m toying with the idea of watermarking my images. I hate seeing an image destroyed by a name written over the actual image. A false bottom border and my details there might be a good compromise. It’s simple to remove but it’s one more step for a thief to take. What do you think?

By Donncha

Donncha Ó Caoimh is a software developer at Automattic and WordPress plugin developer. He posts photos at In Photos and can also be found on Twitter.

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Great shot Donncha!
3. I believe was also used as a place where Orphans could find out about where they came from I believe. I’m sure there is a better way of phrasing that.

Instead of watermarking you images just change the setting so people cant look at or dowload the larger sizes. I’m not a big fan of watermarking myself. Then again watermarking is just like an artist siging their painting!

Anyway Great shot, good work!

Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

I think my dad might know a bit about that building. I’ll ask him about that.

The images I upload are only ever 700 pixels wide or tall. Unfortunately, it’s not small enough to stop some people using them, like O’Learys Camera World on Oliver Plunkett Street did to advertise their digital photo frames.

My name+blog address above looks ok viewed on Flickr, but it doesn’t look that great on my blog. I think it could do without the border around the image.

Please mark them this was, and tell Ryan and Donal.

I have a habit of saving the images I like, and Its nice and handy to see who I have to talk to if I want permission to use.

Repeat comment from my blog:

That’s nicely done Donncha, it’s subtle and doesn’t detract from the image. Particularly hard when protecting landscapes which are really too nice to write all over. I’ve been lucky so far (well, I haven’t discovered otherwise anyway!), everyone who’s wanted to use an image of mine has gotten in touch and asked (and paid!). I think if I can find a way to add a watermark that looks more like a signature then it might not look so bad. Not sure, still toying with it.

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