A city behind bars

Part of Cork City seen from behind the fence of a car park.

Looking out from the North Main Street car park.

Focal length5.89mm
Shutter speed1/35s


Silhouette of the North Side

The silhouettes of Shandon Bells, the North Cathedral and a street light with a bird on it. Steam rises from the brewery as the sun sets

The steeple of St. Anne’s Church, or Shandon Bells, The North Cathedral, and street lighting on a pole with a bird on it are silhouetted by the setting sun. Steam rises from the Heineken Brewery in the foreground.

Focal length30.6mm
Shutter speed1/100s

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The North Cathedral

The North Cathedral in Cork City as seen from the steeple of St. Anne’s Church, or Shandon Bells as it’s known locally.

Aperture ƒ/8
Camera Canon EOS 6D
Focal length 17mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/400s
Black and White Canon 40D Cork Ireland Photography Photos Sigma 18-200 Urban

View on Camden Quay

Camden Quay in Cork City with the north side of the City behind it. St. Anne’s (or Shandon Bells) and the Catholic North Cathedral in the background.

Loved the light when I saw this scene. The setting sun cast shadows on the buildings and reflected off the church steeples.

Aperture ƒ/5.6
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 88mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/50s
Canon 40D Cork Ireland Photography Photos Sigma 18-200 Urban

North Cathedral Framed

North Cathedral Framed

The North Cathedral, Cork as seen from a window of St. Anne’s Tower or Shandon Bells.

Aperture ƒ/11
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 10mm
ISO 400
Shutter speed 1/250s
Cork Ireland Photos Sigma 10-20 Urban

North Cathedral, Cork

North Cathedral, Cork

The Cathedral of St. Mary & St. Anne, or the North Cathedral as it’s known in Cork sits right in the middle of this photo. It’s the city’s Catholic cathedral. A large portion of the north side of Cork City surrounds it. Blackpool is immediately behind it, and you can see the Heineken Brewery on the right where Murphy’s Stout and soon Beamish will be brewed.

This shot was taken yesterday from the tower of St. Anne’s Church, or “Shandon Bells”. You can see the huge shadow it casts on the green park and nearby houses! I will post photos from the Irish Blog Awards tomorrow. I’ve hardly had time to sit down today.

Aperture ƒ/10
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 10mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/200s
Architecture Canon 20D Cork Houses Ireland Photos Sigma 18-200 Sky Sun Urban

Cork Landmarks

In this one single image are pictured several landmark buildings in Cork City:

  • The bell tower of St. Anne’s Church, or Shandon Bells as it’s commonly known as.
  • The North Cathedral can be glimpsed in the background.
  • Part of SS Peter & Paul’s Church off Patrick Street in the foreground, and the distinctive red brick buildings on Paul Street that used to belong to that parish. (I think it was sold? I remember seeing a sign for a solicitor on one door!)
  • The large distinctive roof to the left of Shandon Bells is I believe the roof of the Firkin Crane Centre by the old Butter Market. Is it?

The day I shot this was gloomy and overcast. Thick black clouds covered the city but for a few minutes a small part was bathed in light from a sun peaking through a gap in the clouds.

This was shot from the roof of the car park on the Grand Parade.

Oh yes, I’m toying with the idea of watermarking my images. I hate seeing an image destroyed by a name written over the actual image. A false bottom border and my details there might be a good compromise. It’s simple to remove but it’s one more step for a thief to take. What do you think?