Berwick Fountain

The Berwick Fountain was originally built in 1860 but was taken down and removed while construction went on in the Grand Parade, Cork. Here it is almost ready, although I’d swear they moved it a few feet ..

Cross over the Grand Parade for the last time passing the Berwick Fountain (1860), which marked the centre point of a bridge crossing what was then a city canal, now arched over and filled in to form the Grand Parade. The fountain is named after Walter Berwick, one time Chairman of the Quarter Sessions and was designed by Sir John Benson.

3 thoughts on “Berwick Fountain

  1. I think you’re right about moving it. I used to remember coming off the footbridge (the name i can’t remember) and you had a kind of choice of which way to go around it: left or right. Passing there last week, it’s just not in the way any more.

  2. mikeC – I think that’s the monument down at the end of the street you’re thinking of. That’s still in the same place, although it seems to be surrounded by construction work half the time these days ..

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