Paul Street by night

In front of Tesco on Paul Street, Cork by night. This is a long exposure show I made by putting my camera on the ground and leaning the lens on my wallet.

Judging by the lighting it was probably a small aperture too. Love that effect!




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    Gamma Goblin September 26, 2007

    Love it! Beautiful sections of colour; excellent framing. That long segment of paving leads the eye perfectly!

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    Josef Renklint September 27, 2007

    Nice coloring and the angle you’ve chosen makes it look very cool. 🙂

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    Matty September 27, 2007

    Hmmm. I remember you trying to teach me this technique and me nearly falling into the Bandon! Lovely photo. The sky looks surreal.

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    Flickr: Rangio76 October 12, 2007

    really intensiv shot.. bravo!

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    Tim October 16, 2007

    Great lines, I suppose nobody refers to outside of Tesco as Rory Gallagher place?

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    Donncha O Caoimh October 16, 2007

    Ah, that’s what it’s called! Thanks Tim.

    From the Wikipedia page on the him:
    “On 25 October 1997 a tribute sculpture to Gallagher was unveiled in the newly renamed Rory Gallagher Place (formerly St. Paul’s St. Square) in Cork. The sculptor was a childhood friend of Rory, Geraldine Creedon. The two had grown up together in the McCurtain Street area of the city.”

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    Flickr: aanintercon March 25, 2008

    nice job my friends…and enjoy with your camera and equipment…to reduce noise also you mush small ISO…good luck..!

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