Grand Parade mooring post

Believe it or not this may have been a mooring post for boats in the 1700s. At the time the River Lee ran through the Grand Parade and boats were tied to this on the quayside. Now it’s a busy street.

It is reputed that this post was a cannon used in the Siege of Cork in 1690. Up until last year it sat on the corner of the pavement but as you can see here the new surface flattened everything out.

It’s been sitting there for as long as I remember, does anyone know anything more about it?




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    Flickr: carrigman September 21, 2007

    Good grief. I’ve passed this spot on numerous occasions and I never even noticed it before.

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    kheoh yee wei September 24, 2007

    Nice compo and B&W tone.

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    Gav October 26, 2007

    That is apparently an up turned cannon

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