Waves crash on the tyre

A tyre causes waves to crash up and splash over it on the beach at Garretstown in Co. Cork almost a year ago.

This picture languished in my archives until last weekend when I frantically looked about for “Sea” releated material for theme night at the camera club!

If you’re around Cork at the weekend, Mallow Camera Club is hosting the SACC Annual Competition and Exhibition tomorrow. A number of other clubs will be enter the competition and should be a good day out. Unfortunately I can’t be there due to prior commitments. Also, on Monday night Des Clinton will give a talk at the club on “Best of Irish” which should be a good night. A number of his images can be seen in this gallery.

PS. a tyre is a tire.

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  1. Hello!
    I was searching for info for my scrapbook to go along with my pics of Inch Strand and stumbled across your blog. Lovely photo’s. I liked the story about the Christmas pic that someone stumbled upon and found themselves looking at their parents. Wonderful.
    Just thought I’d say…”Hi”.

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