Alcatraz Staircase

A lonely staircase on Alcatraz is off-limtis to tourists but not to the eye of my camera.

5 thoughts on “Alcatraz Staircase

  1. Wow. Surely an impression for always. Some kind of chill reminder of how brutal and extreme were those dealings with Sicilan culture, and how uninformed, pointless.

  2. xeer has posted a comment:

    It’s definitely worth going to see, especially if you’ve seen any of the films set there. Chances are you’ll regonise bits and pieces around the place, and after seeing my pics they’ll be familiar too!

    Just make sure to book the ferry over beforehand. I’m not sure how, but there’s bound to be a website about it. You can skip to the dront of the (long) queue like we did!

    Alcatraz Staircase

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