Gone fishing

Two fishermen enjoy the sun while a huge container ship, the Maersk Derince, passes by in the background. You can see they’re very busy. Even the gull that has landed close by is watching intently.
It’s another hectic day in San Francisco.

Technique: I wasn’t sure what to make of this photo. I love the composition, especially the background to this sedentary activity. Unfortunately it was very misty and colours looked washed out. By converting to b/w and playing around with the exposure I think I produced an interesting looking photo. Finally, adding a vignette around the edges focuses the eye on the fishermen in the foreground.

I like this: Plane landing via Podz




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    Matty October 22, 2006

    I think it’s a really interesting shot.

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    Joe October 24, 2006

    I think it was a good idea changing the shot to B&W the contrast is great. I love B&W anyway but it certainly makes this shot. The composition is also great. By adding just that little bit of vignetting was also a good decision. The seagull though for me, being where it is positioned really makes the shot. I don’t know if it would be the same without him, funny it’s sometimes the small things that can make or break a photo… would you agree?

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    Flickr: foolswisdom October 24, 2006

    foolswisdom has posted a comment:

    It is a tease. I want to know those fisher people more!

    Gone fishing

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    .. November 6, 2006

    […] The boat New Johnny T passed by a pier in San Francisco on the same afternoon this shot was taken. […]

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    Zach Parker January 18, 2008

    If you’re into fishing you’ll love this site. Some amazing fishing videos and photos here…

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    kaki joran January 18, 2008

    what a great shot! keep it up!

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    David Otter February 10, 2008

    Nice work taking a photo that you indicated was less than perfect as initially shot and working on it until it became a very interesting shot indeed. Nice work. A story of persistence equals brilliance!

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    beegoes November 5, 2008

    Nice post bro…… Keep fishing with your heart

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    TBC November 8, 2008

    What a great image, it really captures the mood and the essence of what fishing is about for many (which is generally less about catching fish and more about relaxing and enjoying the outdoors).

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