The lone daisy

A solitary daisy grows in front of a small house in Fountainstown.

This was an interesting photo for me to take. I spotted the daisy while walking out the road but I didn’t stop to shoot it until returning. I’m glad I remembered it! I’m really happy with the way this came out.




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    Flickr: valentiatrim October 23, 2006

    valentiatrim has posted a comment:

    Love it!! Just something about the composition that grabs me.

    The lone daisy

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    Gareth Marlow October 23, 2006

    Works perfectly, doesn’t it?

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    micki October 23, 2006

    Great photo!!! Daisies were my favorite this summer, so nice to see one more daisy shot before the cold weather settles in for good.

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    LyRiAnN October 23, 2006

    Nice shot !

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    Joe October 24, 2006

    This is indeed a lovely shot. Just a question for you though, has this shot been digitally manipulated in any way? The color in the photo is wonderful.

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    Flickr: jacob@ October 25, 2006

    jacob@ has posted a comment:

    awesome capture!

    (1 on 1)

    The lone daisy

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    deity October 27, 2006

    i came back to steal more pictures and what did i find? a daisy, shot so achingly beautiful. how did you get to be such a great photographer? any tips? am so trying hard to be one:) he he.

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    Flickr: cataventosorridente November 9, 2006

    cataventosorridente has posted a comment:

    very nice..

    The lone daisy

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    frankp January 17, 2007

    absolutely brilliant.

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    Flickr: sunnyshine12 July 24, 2009

    something about this inclined me to push he favorite button, daisies are my FAVORITE flower, so that might be one.. but this picture just grabed me! X)

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    hugh August 18, 2009

    fantasic knew you are great photographer. wish could see you again. pet parade was great. best wishes.

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