Bird flying by

A gull flies off after an inconsiderate photographer runs after it to shoot it. Beats having the kids do the running eh? They might fall!

This was taken in San Francisco, and that’s The Golden Gate Bridge in the background. I went through my shots from my August trip a few days ago and selected around one hundred images for processing. I’ll mix in a few shots over the next few week’s posts. There’s everything from bridges, street people and furniture, Memphis Minis and Alcatraz so plenty for all tastes.

Note to self – when traveling to a new timezone, change the time on your camera!




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    Flickr: Psycrow October 14, 2006

    Psycrow has posted a comment:

    good choice to make this black and white. You did well to capture the moment so clearly and quickly. lovely tones in the photo

    Bird flying by

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    micki October 14, 2006

    Great catch!! So this shot was made “on the fly?” I’ll look forward to seeing more images from your trip.

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    Matty October 14, 2006

    Not bad. Not bad at all… Can’t identify the bugger though. What colour were it’s feet?

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    Andrew October 15, 2006

    Nice capture. Great timing.

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    Flickr: scribeoflight October 15, 2006

    scribeoflight has posted a comment:

    I think the lines work well – I wouldn’t worry about it at all.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    Bird flying by

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    .. October 15, 2006

    […] Bird flying by […]

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    Donncha October 15, 2006

    Matt – feet were a dull red colour. Does that help?

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    Flickr: globevisions May 5, 2007

    hello xeer,
    I like your photo!
    I am the Admin for a group called Birds in the Sky which consider photos of flying birds minding more the esthetic value of the image than the excitement of birds watching.
    It would be great if you join and had the time to add this picture to our group:
    thank you
    michael / globevisions

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    Rick January 29, 2008

    Like the photo. Would love to see more.

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    liew June 1, 2008

    i was image to be a bird as fily above the land the sky the world a war

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    barkot October 10, 2009

    i like that photo
    thanks bro

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