This city’s a drag

Two women, dragged along by a young girl so they won’t stop at the market on Cornmarket Street, Cork. I can just imagine the conversion:
“But I want to go home noooowwwww.”
“No, hold on, we went to all your shops, I want to look at more boots.”
“Ummm, that stall over there has delicious breads.”
“I’m tired!”


I’m really happy with the way this image turned out because we were right next to them and I wasn’t sure if I would get them all in. In the end I had to crop to get the composition I wanted. I duplicated the layer and darken the top one before removing the non-cloud portions of it. I added a slight lomo effect too which did wonderful things to the sky too!




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    Flickr: scribeoflight August 31, 2006

    scribeoflight has posted a comment:

    Very cool shot. Bleak, in a way, because it was such a grey day; but very funny, too.

    And you processed it really effectively.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

    This city's a drag

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    micki August 31, 2006

    Great image!! You put a lot into this, and it looks great! Nice work!

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    Flickr: emacs1969 August 31, 2006

    emacs1969 has posted a comment:

    Brilliantly timed, and a fine post-p job.

    This city's a drag

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    ana September 1, 2006

    this is great! two mom’s, one girl that seems to over power them! love your commentary!

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