The Yellow Helmet

A father picks up the yellow helmet dropped by his son in front of the Body Shop on Patrick’s Street, Cork last Saturday. I was sitting on one of the marble blocks that pass as street furniture on our main thoroughfare. I had my camera ready to shoot when I saw them passing and within a heartbeat had snapped off a few shots.

I like this: King Corner – great sky and architecture shot. All in your hands…. – keep on smiling!

9 thoughts on “The Yellow Helmet

  1. How long was the exposure on that?

    My particular problem is that I only have one hand. I haven’t figured out how to change my zoom while releaseing the shutter. 🙂 I imagine it’s easier with long exposures in that I don’t need to hold the camera… though timing the zoom would be much harder to ensure the effect exposed properly.

  2. ABM – it’s actually a short exposure but I used the motion blur plugins to create the zoom effect! When I manage to do it in-camera it’s usually by accident when I was zoomed in and wanted to zoom out quickly but the bad light kept the shutter open..

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  4. Nice picture! You are able to caught the exact move of the father. Well, i guess your professional in using camera.

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