The Brown Line to Kimball

Aboard one of the trains of the Chicago L, the elevated and underground train network in Chicago. I think this was taken near the south end of the Loop, possibly around the corner from the library.

The last time I was in Chicago I took the L for nostalgic reasons and because it’s not a half-bad way for a tourist to see the town. The stations of the Loop are all elevated above street level and some afford a good view down the main streets of downtown Chicago! Maps and schedules are posted in each station, on the trains and online too making it very easy to find your way around.

Here’s a tour of the Loop with pictures if you’d like to know more.

I like this: Real Esteli played its best match ever – couple of great football shots!


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    micki August 25, 2006

    I really like this shot, you’ve captured a good feel of the train and city here.

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    recursion_see_recursion has posted a comment:

    I enjoyed the tour -especially all that old rolling stock – but this image has more visual impact and human interest.

    The Brown Line to Kimball

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