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Lion .. King of Lincoln Park Zoo

On the 5th day of our trip to Chicago, Darren took us to Lincoln Park Zoo. I had been there already back in 2003 but this time it was a lot more interesting!
I got some wonderful shots of the animals and birds there, including the human variety who were protesting outside.
Here are two shots of a lion at the zoo. I could describe him as majestic and commanding of presence, but when you see the tiny enclosure they have to live in, it’s hard not to feel pity for them.

Aperture ƒ/5.6
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 240mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/100s

By Donncha

Donncha Ó Caoimh is a software developer at Automattic and WordPress plugin developer. He posts photos at In Photos and can also be found on Twitter.

13 replies on “Lion .. King of Lincoln Park Zoo”

He does look terribly relaxed, maybe he enjoy’s the “quiet life” the zoo gives him, like an old retired man moving to the country to get away from it all. Great shots!

Excellent shots of this lion, my dear. You captured his emotions of sadness and wistfulness very well. I believe he must be wishing for a life where he could roam freely about, just as a wild animal SHOULD be doing.

I came upon this website and after reading all the comments above I am amazed at the total lack of knowledge you have regarding zoos and the animals that live there. “He looks so depressed.” You see one photo or stand in front of an exhibit for 10 minutes and you assume that the animal is depressed. Well, Adelor (that is the Lion’s name in the photo) is not “depressed” and he is not “petable” either. He was born in captivity just as 99 percent of all zoo animals are now and to put him “where he could roam free” would be cruel. He would not survive. He is captive born. And lets talk about the wild. There’s not a whole lot of it left anymore. We humans are taking it away from the animals at an alarming rate. There is one “known species” going extinct every hour. Did you know that? No one really knows how many unknown species we are losing. And as far as looking thin goes, well, Adelor is VERY WELL FED and (just for your information) all male lions look like that. You think you know so much? Well, why does the male lion have a mane when no other male cat in the world has one? I know the answer. Do you? Why don’t you research it. You might learn something.

Ok….first of all , are so right. Second of all,Adelor is a lion who has spent his life in captivitiy and in a wonderful world that would never happen but as Pat said, he would never survive if he was put out into the wild..which is not what we see in movies or in our dreams. I have spent hours with Adelor he is the majestic King of LPZ and he is treated better than most people I know, Have any of you ever seen what this boy gets on a daily basis to eat? I don’t like the small space he has indoors, that I wil say but this boy has the life of a King, He knows who he is you can see that when you spend time with him. I’m sure Adelor gets depressed at times as all of us do, but like I said I have spent many hours watching him and depressed? huh…I don’t think so. Oh and by the way a male lion has a mane to give the impression that he is bigger than he really is. Adelor is where he should be and if people don’t like that fact then…….don’t go to the zoo. I love all the people who stand outside the zoo with their little signs….what is it YOU ALL would do with him????? take him out to the savannah and set him free???? are you going to stay around and take video of him dying too? Iteresting. Adelor IS the King of the zoo, the boy is the main attration to the zoo and he KNOWS it look at him…not for a few minutes, pay attention to him, watch his swagger, see how he looks at all of you as if to say..Yeah, thats right I’m the man….and your not ahahhahahah ADELOR ROCKS!

You stupid idiot, “He knows who he is you can see that when you spend time with him. I’m sure Adelor gets depressed at times as all of us do”. To compare animals to humans,and to claim that they may experience the same emotions as humans is quite frankly idiotic.

A child dies every three seconds in Africa.

hmmmmmm “you stupid idiot”. wow mr/ms. ANONYMOUS….interesting opinion of someone you don’t know…..and even more interesting…..your name…….sad, you my little friend are…….shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. thank you.

great pictures!! I came across them while doing reearch for school. Reading the comments, I think that people are taking away the true meaning of the photos themselves!! No one can really relate to a lion, so i don’t agree with people saying that a lion looks “depressed.” I mean who’s ever seen a lion smile or show human-like emotions? I agree with what Pat says. To let the lion roam free would be to send them into an unknown environment!

Great pictures though! keep up the good work!

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