Sex or Chocolates

What is their body language saying? This couple were standing still on Princes Street for a good while and I sensed something was amiss.

Pictured in the background is the shop front of Ann Summers. The byline in the window reads “Sex or Chocolates”




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    Jarrett February 5, 2006

    That is a GREAT catch! Their body language says a lot. If you asked me, my guess is that she has just told him that she would prefer the chocolates 😉

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    Dermod Moore February 5, 2006

    Brilliant. The fantasy and the reality of relating.

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    NoWords February 5, 2006

    wow! fantastic composition, great!

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    John February 5, 2006

    Nice street shot, looks like he’s got himself into trouble, some quick thinking needed.

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    Donncha February 5, 2006

    Thanks for the comments! When I was in town yesterday I despaired of getting any good shots because it was overcast and dull but I have 3 or 4 that are good enough to publish.
    Yesterday was also the first time in a long time I decided to shoot in Jpeg instead of RAW and I don’t think the end results suffered too much for it. I had to use a high ISO because of prevailing light conditions.
    Shooting Jpegs is more economical on disk space too and I didn’t mind shooting in burst mode which definitely helps in street photography!

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    Budi February 6, 2006

    2 vs 2 = cool!

    the rating system = cool!


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    Eric February 6, 2006

    Nice timing with the two girls seeing the shop front. Can’t we have both sex and chocolate? 🙂

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    Chris February 6, 2006

    Interesting composition!

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    Gavin February 6, 2006

    I agree with Jarrett. Lol. Great shot!

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    ROB February 6, 2006

    Looks like tension to me, especially the girls body language. Great shot.

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    Jauhari February 7, 2006

    The Heart logo is great, and the women on that place is amazing combination

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    Daniel February 11, 2006

    Sex and Chocolates? 😉

    I like that picture. It looks like regular life when passing a passion….


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    Gavin June 26, 2006

    wow i know those girls on the right! ill let them know 😀

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    Ed July 5, 2006

    He is saying to her. “Don’t look now but that guy Donncha is here again with his darn camera!” :o)
    Great picture!

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    Thomas April 5, 2007

    What a cool shot!
    That guy looks like he is in real trouble
    ( or will be when he found the words he
    is just looking for..).

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    Kendra March 8, 2008

    Great shot, looks like they are making a tough decision. 😉

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    Abby March 14, 2008

    Great Pic! I love the black and white . . . looks like the two are thinking intently.

  18. Reply
    omft April 20, 2008

    your photographic talent is unquestionable. Nice work

  19. Reply
    clipsnake May 20, 2008

    ill go for the chocolate, please 😀

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