Round Tower through Window

The round tower at Glendalough as seen through a window of the nearby ruins of a church.




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    Dean Sherwood February 4, 2006

    Gorgeous framing Donncha, very good indeed.

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    Gavin February 4, 2006

    Wonderful Natural Framing. The sky is great in this, goes well in black&white.

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    noushin February 4, 2006

    Cool framing as everyone else mentioned, I also love the texture all over this image. Very nice shot.

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    Gerard McGarry February 5, 2006

    Beautiful, Donncha, it’s been ages since I was down in Glendalough. A lovely, peaceful place. This photo takes me right back there..must have a dig for more pictures!

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    catb – good idea, just joined there!

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    Flickr: catb March 9, 2008

    You should consider adding this to Irish Round Towers pool –

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    Welcome Donncha – great shot, hope to see more from you


    group admin

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