3 thoughts on “Making a Sale

  1. Hacking WordPress is my day job now so I spend a lot of time doing that. Photography is my hobby, but I take my camera everywhere!

    Wow, Eric and yourself have done a really nice theme! I’ll download it later and look at it if I can!
    I have one reservation about the original theme though – it’s licensed under what looks like a creative commons license that means we can’t use it on WordPress.com. I’m going to find a GPLed theme and customize it myself. That license is one reason I might not look at the source any further.

    If you were really pedantic, commercial usage would even include putting adverts on your photoblog!

  2. Hi Donncha, thanks for the compliment 🙂

    I hope you can try it out and point me any bugs or errors there. You see, I’m not really a programmer 🙂

    Yes, I notice the license in the original theme. That makes me wonder, if I make a theme based on the original one, can I change the license into GPL? Because I think this theme should be open source and who know if someday available in WP.com 🙂

    I’m waiting to hear from you soon.

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