A Very Keane Santa

Santa gets everywhere these days, especially wherever there’s a buck to be made!




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    Budi December 7, 2005

    Ho…ho…ho…you’ve got a new theme, eh? I’ve tried in my own domain Donncha, http://budigitalized.com

    Finally, I could use photoblog theme from WP…yippee!

    Anyway, nice shot Donncha 🙂

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    Donal December 7, 2005

    I hadn’t noticed the title the first time I saw it.

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    Donncha December 7, 2005

    Well done on the new domain! This theme has a few niggly problems – the back and forth bits are sort of broken, but that could be a WordPress problem, and I had to add code so that clicking on an image would bring you to the next post.
    Unfortunately, if there’s no photo, then there’s no link.

    Also, the license isn’t very business friendly, I’d rather a GPLed version so it may be that I’ll hack an existing single-column one.

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    Donncha December 7, 2005

    I heard on the radio this morning that the Irish Mirror newspaper printed a few of the US photos. I bought it at lunchtime and found out that one of my photos, Into Town, was included!
    I also found out that Quenten Fottrell mentioned Jacinta and I in his social column in the Sunday Tribune! Check out his Diary page in the Tribune2 if you still have it around the house! There’s a small pic of the two of us as well!

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    James Farmer December 9, 2005

    No just making a buck by the look of it………..

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