New Johnny T

The boat New Johnny T passed by a pier in San Francisco on the same afternoon this shot was taken.

I wonder what happened to Old Johnny T?

Welcome Darragh White to the world and congrats to your parents!


  1. micki Reply

    Oh, I like this shot!! The rippling water, the men on the old structure and the little boat…great combo!!

  2. Donal Reply

    I really like these kinda shots, black and white really works for this one. I like the different perspectives on this, the people on the pier, the boats and the hills in the background.

  3. Flickr: Alan Cotter (aka “TheBoyCotter”) Reply

    Alan Cotter (aka "TheBoyCotter") has posted a comment:

    Yeah, this i like.. Nice composition, the b&w does make it. Though i’m not to sure if the boat in the background takes something from the image. Though unfortunately there is nothing you could have done about it being there anyway. Either way, good shot, well done… :-)

    New Johnny T

  4. Flickr: Con Thomson Reply

    I really like the composition of this photo, the black and white adds alot to it too

  5. Flickr: Kurt Preissler Reply

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Workboats and Tugboats, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

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