Arrival of the L

I love capturing motion and stillness in one frame and shooting underground in a subway station is perfect because: low light, fast moving train with bright internal lights, waiting passengers.
I think I took this in one of the stations under State Street, Chicago.

Have a great time at the blog awards in Dublin tonight!


  1. Otto K Reply

    Very cool. Wonderful result.

  2. Donal Reply

    That’s well cool!

  3. Micki Reply

    Great photo, love the smile on the one gal’s face.

  4. Gareth Marlow Reply

    I love shots like this. Fab.

  5. Thom Reply

    Great, great shot. I love that technique, but it takes a very good idea to do it well like you did here.

  6. sleepless dream Reply

    beautiful shot, wonderful frame!


  7. Ayash Basu Reply

    Perfect shutter speed and exposure, a great ‘capture the moment’ image. Congrats.

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