Arrival of the L

I love capturing motion and stillness in one frame and shooting underground in a subway station is perfect because: low light, fast moving train with bright internal lights, waiting passengers.
I think I took this in one of the stations under State Street, Chicago.

Have a great time at the blog awards in Dublin tonight!




  1. Reply
    Otto K March 11, 2006

    Very cool. Wonderful result.

  2. Reply
    Donal March 12, 2006

    That’s well cool!

  3. Reply
    Micki March 12, 2006

    Great photo, love the smile on the one gal’s face.

  4. Reply
    Gareth Marlow March 13, 2006

    I love shots like this. Fab.

  5. Reply
    Thom March 24, 2006

    Great, great shot. I love that technique, but it takes a very good idea to do it well like you did here.

  6. Reply
    sleepless dream May 4, 2006

    beautiful shot, wonderful frame!


  7. Reply
    Ayash Basu July 29, 2006

    Perfect shutter speed and exposure, a great ‘capture the moment’ image. Congrats.

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